Our expertises

Digital technologies at the service of performance

Our Expertises

Actor in your daily performance

We place digital at the heart of our solutions to support companies in their digital transformation and adapt to the new uses of our customers and consumers.Our mission is to improve the time to market and therefore promote disruptive innovation.





At IFMG, we use innovative and efficient tools that allow us to detect talents. The reactivity in recruitment, the agility in the team adjustments and the development of competences are solutions that our tools provide us to accelerate and improve the efficiency of our selection process:

Assessfirst is the sourcing and, personality and motivation evaluation tool of our candidates. We assess their personality, motivation, suitability of job/ skills – reference to recruit the candidate who will match your expectations.

Easyrecrue is a user-friendly platform to recruit the best talents. This platform allows our clients to pre-validate in a consensual way the candidates based on deferred video interviews. Questions are shared with our clients to evaluate the candidates’ knowledge of the work universe.



Impact Training

Impact training is an approved subsidiary by the Minister of Labour, which creates and develops tailor-made pedagogical engineering supports.
We use training solutions 4.0 (experiential VR, “real-life” training, experiential 2D) to transform our collaborators skillsets into performance.

  • Ensure a fast learning pace
  • Certify personal and professional skillsets
  • Optimize interaction and memorization
  • Provide a dynamic training program
  • Create a bond with your brands promoting team engagement



Business Intelligence

IFMG has a unique Business Intelligence (BI) department, with the objective to collect and analyse information, bright it to the light to improve and optimize decisions, and the performance of our clients’ solutions.

At IFMG’s core, BI is a real decision-making support, one part through its agility and its capacity to transform data into action plans.

The department put in place an intuitive interface, a lead management system, and innovative business opportunities.

We assist our clients to better understand their environment and determine potential recommendations, create tailor-made innovative solutions with a constant quest to optimize performance and control the devices.

Capitalize on data

Client Experience

Data is at the core of tomorrow’s challenges to reinvent ourselves, optimize the reactivity, the execution, and the value creation.

We propose to assist the retail transformation of our clients and create value for the customer.

Through the years, the customer journey is changing and consumers look first and foremost for a unique and personalized experience.

Which is why, IFMG assists the customer all along its life course : Lounge experience (test, learn, use), the community (influencers), and the user experience (work, dream, and play).