IFMG labeled 2 stars for its CSR

IFMG labeled 2 stars for its CSR


Because we believe that we must imagine tomorrow without thinking like yesterday and because we believe that companies, whatever their size, can act for responsible development, we have decided to engage Impact Field Marketing Group in a CSR labeling program ( Corporate Social Responsibility).
Last March, Impact Field Marketing Group embarked on the Positive Workplace labeling program. After 3 months of auditing with our customers, suppliers and employees, we become a Positive Workplace and obtain the score of 2 stars! This score certifies our consideration of CSR issues in the performance of our missions and in our relations with all of our stakeholders (employees, customers and partners).

We are happy to have seen our actions rewarded!

About the Positive Workplace label

Positive Workplace, the CSR label made in France is the 1st national ranking of the most responsible companies. This label brings together companies wishing to be actors of a more responsible economy. Positive Workplace is a French initiative launched in 2019 by entrepreneur Charles-Henri Margnat. Its objective is to help all companies, regardless of their level of CSR maturity, to progress in their sustainable development strategy and to engage stakeholders in this process.
The ambition of the creators of the Positive Workplace label is to revolutionize the CSR certification market in France and in Europe. Developed and based on international standards (ISO 26,000) and aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it serves as an assessment tool for measuring quality and offers a label of distinction. But above all, it is a guide for carrying out CSR actions.


The labeling took place in two stages: an assessment was carried out on our internal practices, then surveys were sent to our main stakeholders: employees, customers and suppliers. The audit carried out focused on the sustainability of our activities, the responsibility of our governance, the development of our human capital, the preservation of the environment, the impact of digital technology and our impact on the ecosystem and the environment.

At the end of the survey, Impact Field Marketing Group was awarded a Michelin-starred CSR report. The report also includes up to 30 recommendations from company stakeholders on proposed actions to take when they believe improvement is needed. For each recommended action proposal, the impact of the action is assessed as well as the budget and time for its implementation are specified.
We would like to thank our employees, customers, and suppliers for their involvement in this process. Together, we are working for a better, less carbon-intensive, more inclusive world, closer to our territories.